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  La SpaMD Medical Spa – “discover the new you…”

Specializing in skin care, our Spa Consultants treat hyper pigmentation, acne, anti-aging and other skin conditions as well as treating patients with procedures such as facials, silk peels, chemical peels and ZO medical products. We offer gift certificates for skin & body care and products such as Facials, Relaxing Massages, Silk Peels, Hair Removal, ZO medical products, Dr. David Michelson’s personal line of skin and hair care products, Michelson MD Skincare, plus much more!

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Dr. Michelson has successfully formulated a new skin and hair care line!  Enjoy soft, silky, glowing, luxurious skin...

Facial Treatments

Facial w/ Microdermabrasion$140
Facial w/ LED (Red or Blue Light-Sun Spots/Anti-Acne/Anti-Aging)$150
Hyrating Facial (no micro)$100
Chemical Peel (Sun Spots, Acne, Anti-Aging)$150
Silk Peel 30 minutes$150
Power Peel 30 minutes$80

Body Treatments

Relaxing Massage (30 minutes)$45
Relaxing Massage (60 minutes)$65
Deep Cleansing w/ Micro on Full Back$60
Deep Cleansing w/ Micro on Arms$50
Deep Cleansing w/ Micro on Feet$30
Deep Cleansing w/ Micro on Hands$30
Deep Cleansing w/ Micro on Legs$90
Reductive Massage$65 +
Mesotherapy$80 +
Cellulite Treatment$80 +

Additional Services

Miguett Mask$15
Anti-Aging (Gold and Pearl)$$
Sun Spots (Diamond Laser Effect)$$
LED 5 min. (Red and Blue Light)$15

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+1 (805) 485-3888

1889 N. Rice Avenue, Suite 201
Oxnard, California  93030

Office Hours:
Monday through Friday
9:00 am - 5:00 pm

“discover the new you…” Dr. David Michelson’s mission in life is to help people look, feel, and to live their very best; he is passionate about facilitating the achievement of maximum potentials in both health and beauty.

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