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Dr. David Michelson is a cosmetic surgeon in Oxnard who offers all aspects of cosmetic surgery, including less evasive procedures.

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Imagine as you peer into the mirror you behold a younger-looking you. This is but one of the many remarkable changes you can experience through safe, affordable procedures available at Dr. Michelson’s Cosmetic, Aesthetic, & Anti-Aging Center. Our experienced cosmetic surgeons use only scientifically proven techniques to achieve safe results. We provide value-added services including minimally invasive endoscopic brow and facelifts, endoscopic breast augmentation, tummy tuck, chemical peels, botox and a full-service MediSpa. Dr. Michelson has his own skin care line, featuring the finest formulations in skin care products; safe, effective and affordable.  FDA Approved anti-aging kits, acne products, skin discoloration, dark circles, spider veins, and growth factor renewal products.

“Discover the new you…”

– Dr. David N. Michelson, MD


The doctor’s approach to cosmetic surgery is guided by the principle of “less is more”; promoting minimally invasive procedures that get aesthetically superior results (with the least risk to his patients). Visually pleasing. Natural-looking. Your body can evoke these phrases-they’re founded upon the experience of hundreds of breast augmentations, breast lifts, and breast reductions that Dr. Michelson has successfully performed. He also enjoys an excellent reputation in facial plastics; an improved, more youthful appearance can be enjoyed through a facelift, necklift, eyelid surgery, and alloplastic facial implants. Of course, Dr. Michelson encourages minimal-incision facelifts and browlifts, which are part of his repertoire.

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Dr. Michelson has successfully formulated a new skin and hair care line!  Enjoy soft, silky, glowing, luxurious skin…

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1889 N. Rice Avenue, Suite 201
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“discover the new you…” Dr. David Michelson’s mission in life is to help people look, feel, and to live their very best; he is passionate about facilitating the achievement of maximum potentials in both health and beauty.

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